I didn’t cut all of my hair, I ended up just trimming my bangs.

and now I feel like Noodle, ha~

It’s not the best printing job, but the pic is clear enough to use at least and that’s all I need. =u=; I’ll probably end up throwing it away once I’m done anyways, lol

So, on that note, I’m off to cut my hair and shower, lol.

I’m going to see if I’ve got enough ink my printer to get at least a readable image of Noiz so I can do my hair.


You go Girl!!  ^^

nsfw blogs best stop following me and my blogs, they won’t get any pron or whatevs.


super duper sloppy doddle of Sunny, yay~ *shot*

I’ll do a proper pic of her one of these days.

9 (not including this) NOTES ON THIS?!

Really?! It’s like super sloppy! sjfosdjfodij!


I always love this expression of Ray x3 he looks so cute and funny at the same time!


usagimodoki pattern! 

honestly, it’s probably already been done but when I wanted to put it as my phone wallpaper, I couldn’t find any patterns, so I ended up making one myself… OTL

EDIT: posting the huge 1080x1080 file made it looks ugly and clunky, so I changed it…

EDIT EDIT: HAHAHA NEVERMIND this is why I don’t try to fix shit