It’s only 1:30, but I’m feeling pretty tired, So I’m I’m going to go ahead and go to bed. ;u; my pinky still hurts too, lol.

G’night, lovelies~ tatty bye

and one day you will get everything
yeah! ;u;)9
I hope you can manage that!
Same here. ;u;)9 even if it means I’ve got to wait a bit longer to get Crescent Moon.
which is super weird…
Yeah. ;u; I mean, I don’t have to read it online, I might be able to find it at a second-hand book store or something. *doge sigh*
There’s apparently 5 vols in the entire series
yeah, but all my normal manga sites say it ends at volume 3. ;A;

Anyone know definitely how many Harlock mangas there are and where I can read them???

The sites I normally read manga on has it licensed or it says it’s got all the mangas, even though the wiki shows a dif number.

It’s a wee bit frustrating, lol

I am soooooo not sorry about that mini Harlock spam. >u>

That movie was great and I really want to get back into the old series, lol.


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