It’s 20 after 3, Kovu still won’t shut up, and my eyebags are heading to Prada level.

Good night everyone, see you whenever I get on.

too bad there isn’t a mass post editor on DA. and just delete stuff quicker.

… I… haven’t had a relationship since 2011…



Commission Info v3 by midnightsquirrel

Yeah, finally made a new Commission sheet. \;u;/ after a million years, wowie.

So, yeah, I’ve got commissions open~ just send me a note!

My commission guidlines is here

Please, signal boost this or hit me up, whichever. We really need money at the moment, due to unforeseen circumstances that are pretty bad. I won’t go into details cause they’re fuzzy for me at best.

So, yeah, help a girl out, please.

Yeah, picking up reblogging this again, cause I’d love to get even just a few commissions.

aaaaa~nd I failed horrifically. :’3 I hardly tried, yay.

I am garbage~ *throws self away*

and friend has a million other rpers to talk/reply with, so she takes a few minutes to reply so I get derpier.

*tries not to let self-loathing/anxiety kick me in the teeth*

blegh, it’s that time of night were I’m going derpy and my head is starting to hurt a bit, but I refuse to sleep I’m a clingy little shit who wants to talk/rp with  friend as long as possible.

Ok, that creepy/freaky as fuck.

The longer Chicken (one of our cats) mews, the more he sounds like our past cat Scout.

It’s kind of breaking my heart, cause she hasn’t even been gone a whole year…