it’s after 3, lol~ I best get to bed. ;u;

G’night lovelies~ tatty bye


In case you’re sad here are some buns.


Marik in ponytail cause… well look at him.

Miss drawing my Yugioh stuff. So here’s a quickie again.

Though been watching Marik Plays Bloodlines again and oh my god I need to draw Bakura and Marik some more!

Ponytails are important.




I did this edit ages ago. Like, I posted it on LJ kind of long time ago. It’s clearly bad and dumb, but it still makes me happy. It’s something in scifi (and I guess fantasy, since Gargoyles is much more the latter): non-mammalian non-humans with boobs. I’m aware that gargoyles may not really count in this, as they have hair on their heads, but dammit, they lay eggs, so that’s enough to piss me off. So…BOOM, Demona don’t have ‘em. (This isn’t because I hate large breasts. They are nice, I love them. This is me being a science pedant about FANTASY CREATURES.)


Some Kitty icons from the new episode


[ Since some people were having trouble understanding how to draw Xiro as I see him, I decided to draw a comprehensive reference sheet! Hopefully now it will be a little bit easier for you guys. 

Some of the writing can be a bit small, so it’d be wise to full-view them! If you are still having trouble reading them, let me know and I’ll re-write it. Sorry my handwriting is so sloppy! ]