It’s 2 o clock, and my comp is going stupid. So, I’m gonna call it a night.

I do have those art trades written down on a to do list and I already have references collected, so it’s BALLS TO THE WALL DRAWIN’ TOMORROW, BABY!

G’night, lovelies~ tatty bye

That means I’ve gotta edit both Rimuka and Toni’s character sheets on DA.

I will do that tomorrow! *flops over*

Oh gods,the original text on here was her old bio, diojsopidjsojfs! sorry!

quick facts!

She’s pretty social and likes people, she just doesn’t like parties and tight spaces, and when the two are together it’s not fun.

Depending on how you treat her will depend on if you get punched then ignored or become friends, use words wisely!

and…. about about it really… if you need anything cleared up or just questions in general just let me know~

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ARTIST: Aaron Carter
TRACK: I Want Candy


I Want Candy | Aaron Carter


a crappy info-doodle about something v important 2 me

The quickest way to my heart, draw my ocs. Fan ocs, or any oc from my 4 stories.

It can be gift art or art trades, I WILL LOVE YOU 6EVER IF YOU DRAW MY OCS!

Just ask and I can even give you reference pics~ >u>